Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Heart Pinterest

I do love Pinterest. It has given me some great recipe and gift ideas and it puts things I would otherwise be saying "where did I see that before?" all in one easy-peasy place. But...I do think it has raised that ever-raising super-mom mothering bar and that frustrates me just a little. But you have to be willing to let some of that go and just embrace the helpfulness that is Pinterest. I made another yummy Pinterest find last night and it was a hit once again. I'll post it here soon.

But one funny thing...I found this link and I thought oh boy, this will be so helpful! "10 Habits of a Well-Run Home". Well, who couldn't use that, right? Well, I clicked right on over and started reading through the list and almost started laughing. I already do at least 8 of those things. Ha!! I don't have a link circulating on Pinterest, I don't have people exclaiming, "my goodness, she has a well-run home." But I am sane awake, my children are fed and clothed, and things work relatively well for us considering we have a house full of monkeys house of 5 children 9 and under. :) I hope you are enjoying Pinterest as much as I am. Happy Thursday friends. School's out TOMORROW!! We cannot wait.