All about Charlie

This is the story of our second-born, our precious Charles Gregory. He was born on June 30, 2004, and came flying into this world full of life and love--and continues to show us that spirit every day! Due on the 4th of July, everyone told me Charlie would be our little firecracker, and boy have they been right. He is quick-witted, funny, and and all around joy.

Charlie was our easy, easy baby--slept great, ate well, smiled early and often.  He was attached to his big brother from pretty much the moment he was born.  Because he couldn't say "Max" or "brother", "brother" got shortened to "Bo Bo" which is what he called Max for the first 3 years of his life.  And now Tate calls his brothers "Bo Bo" because Charlie did. I love it!

At his kindergarten conference, Charlie's teacher said, "If there is one word I could use to describe Charlie, it would be 'animated' ".  I love Charlie's facial expressions, his joyous enthusiasm for anything he puts his mind to and his tender heart.  He is creative and can keep himself occupied with his toys, the computer, or one of his siblings for hours.  For my birthday this year, he made me a comic book (that he created, drew, wrote the story for and everything!) about a guy named Hunter Bob.  What a gift!

Charlie has had some separation issues from me--probably because I carried him everywhere he wanted to go from the moment he was born.  But it has also given Charlie and me a very special relationship.  I have had the privilege of leading Charlie's Sunday School and Awana classes at church, because he is more comfortable having me there.  This has led to some great teaching moments that I wouldn't have had with him otherwise.  Charlie loves reading his Bible and he loves doing what he thinks would make God happy.  I love that Charlie has chosen to follow Jesus.  He is a true gift from God!

Charlie is our south-paw just like his daddy, so we have high hopes for baseball for this guy! :)  Charlie loves to play baseball and golf.  He is a smart kid and mostly stays in the boat with his mama when the other kids are doing crazy things like skiing or wakeboarding--but he did get up briefly on skis this summer.  Right now, his main passion is Tae Kwon Do and boy-oh-boy is he awesome at it! What a great confidence-builder that has been for him.  Charlie LOVES anything sweet and would eat ice cream 3 meals a day if we would let him.   We are all blessed to have this joyful boy in our family.