buck & laura's story

Our story...what to say? We have been dating forever it feels but these past 16 years have flown by! Buck and I met at our church's youth group (how cheesy huh?), introduced by my sweet friend Sarah. We went to neighboring high schools, then while we were still dating and I had to go off to college while Buck finished his senior year of high school, we broke up at the end of my freshman year...spring fever I blame it on! Back together again not long later, we ended up at different colleges as well...half an hour apart, but still.

I wondered if we would ever finally be really together, live in the same town, know what the other did all day...we had sort of had a long-distance relationship for almost 6 years! That spring fever thing happened again and we broke up for the final time. We decided we were much happier together than apart, and about 3 months after our break-up, we were engaged. We got our fairy tale wedding on June 3, 2000, surrounded by friends and loved ones. Max joined our family in 2002, Charlie in 2004, Zoe by adoption in 2007 (she was born in Ethiopia in 2006) and Tate in 2008--which would lead some to believe that we need another baby in 2010, but sorry folks, it ain't happening! At least not that I know of! :)

The glue that holds our family together is Jesus Christ. Buck and I both love God above each other. We honor Him by honoring each other. We forgive one other. We don't sweat the small stuff. Is our marriage, our life, perfect? Heck no! But we have a joy that transcends "happiness", a joy that brings peace in any circumstances. In the midst of our busy-ness, we find time to put God first. Bottom line--Buck puts up with me! :)