All About Tate

Our sweet baby boy, Tate Jeffrey.  Born November 14, 2008, he was much-anticipated by all in our family! The two big brothers and big sister could not wait to meet "their" baby.  And the love and attention they shower on their baby brother is priceless. Tate started smiling very early, giving the biggest grins to big brother Charlie, then full-on belly laughs to Daddy.  It has been a joy to see Tate's place in our family and how it feels like he has always been here.

Tate is growing and changing every day. As far as him being an "easy baby" I would say that he falls somewhere in between the challenges we had with Max as a young baby and the complete ease of Charlie as a little guy.  He is starting to demonstrate his strong will and his ability to be a "normal" 2-year-old by showing displays of tantrums every once and awhile.  He is the joy and delight of his siblings. They all have to give him kisses before bed, and Tate is very concerned when his brothers and sister go off to school every day.  He wants to know where they are, and when they will be back.

Tate is a little bit cautious and would rather be close to Mama in a new environment.  He is a snuggle bug who still gets rocked to sleep at bedtime (we are total pushovers for him!).  He is starting to say more and more words and I love our "conversations".  His big, big smile can light up a room, and he still has one of the best belly laughs I have ever heard from a little one.

Tate is all boy--balls and trucks and choo-choos make him so happy!  But he loves "Dora the Explorer" as well.  He wants to go anywhere Daddy is going and will walk out the door with an easy wave and a "bye!" if it means he gets to go with Daddy.  He's not necessarily a "mama's boy" or a "daddy's boy"--it is clear that he is BOTH!  Tate is a joy and delight in our family.  We are blessed beyond measure with this sweet little soul.  We can't wait to see what God has in store for him!