Monday, September 10, 2012

This and that!

Let's is in full swing as are football (both flag and tackle), soccer, dance, piano, drums, and Sunday school. But here are just a few bits and pieces from life these days.

Max got braces! The silver (pun intended) lining to getting them at age 10 is that by the time most of his friends are getting them, he should be can hope...

This little Miss got her hair relaxed (by a professional this time) and we could NOT be happier with the results. There have been no more tears from de-tangling every single day, she can put her own hair up in ponytails and my oh my...can you see her confidence oozing out. Not that she was lacking before. :) But as much as I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to do it, I am SO glad we did.

Our tiny dancer!

Buck and his friend Joel took the "big boys" to the lake for Labor Day weekend. They had an awesome "man weekend" and are thinking it will be an annual event. A huge thank you as always to GM & GD (my grandparents) for being such generous hosts!

Someone is awfully close to walking! She's a wild one...but we are loving every crazy minute with our 9-month-old Mia. She seems to change daily. Poor thing has 4 (!) teeth coming in at once, stands, squats and stands herself back up, says "Dada" and "uh-oh", waves bye-bye and gives Mama the sweetest kisses. :) Yep, we're in love!

Oh and last but not least, I can't wait for fall TV to start. Actually just "The Good Wife". In the meantime I've been watching every single "Friends" rerun. If you haven't done that recently, you definitely should. I read a quote that said "there is nothing that a good laugh and a nap can't cure." Not entirely true, but it certainly can't hurt. Love to you all!

Laura Joy