Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Almost exactly 6 months ago, my beautiful and brilliant aunt was taken suddenly from this world in a tragic car accident. She had pulled over to the side of a busy highway in Houston, Texas after having missed her exit to go to the airport to pick up her husband. A semi truck hit her from behind, essentially running over her car. She was killed instantly. Since the accident, there were investigations, accident reconstruction, and conflicting theories about exactly what happened. To further complicate things, there were virtually no eyewitnesses because the truck was so big, anyone behind him probably didn't see much. Anyway...after all of these months, there is some resolution to the legal end of things for the truck driver. My cousin Shannon is a beautiful writer and went to Houston with my mom to be part of the trial there. She eloquently describes her experience here.

My hope and prayer is that this can help start the healing that comes with the end of this ordeal for my cousins and the rest of my family. There is no ultimate resolution, as no outcome will bring Leslie back. But so thankful that this part of the process is done. All we can do is pray for peace for everyone involved. Thank you friends.

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  1. I have been so emotional lately, no idea why, but I am in tears thinking about your dear aunt and your humongous loss! I just missed my exit last week while going to pick up Craig from the airport and the same thing could have happened to me. It is so hard to understand God's timing of things. We will never understand until we can ask Him ourselves. I pray that your family will continue to heal and grow!