Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day and thankfulness

Enough of the pity party! I can't believe it has been almost a week since my last whiney post! My apologies...blame it (among other things) on the sleep deprivation. We got a blessed reprieve last Friday night when Tate miraculously slept through the night. It was a one-night fluke but it was much-appreciated!

We are in the middle of the blizzard of the century, judging by the weather reporters' enthusiasm! The kids had an early-out day at school and we are anticipating a stay-at-home day tomorrow as well!

In the middle of watching my children play nicely together, it hit me full force how fleeting these moments are. I came down this morning after getting up to see Max sitting at the table working on his homework. I didn't even have to ask or remind him about it. I flashed forward 10 years to when Max and I will inevitably be arguing about getting homework done. These moments are fleeting. When we were driving to church on Sunday, the kids were jamming out to TobyMac, loving the music, excited to go to church, dreaming about our summer on the boat. Again,I could see 10 years from now when we are dragging a 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-year-old to church after a late night out with their friends...when the car will be quiet and they will wish they were in bed rather than on their way to worship. Though I pray this isn't the case, I know chances are good that it could be. These moments are fleeting!

I think about the funny things the kids say: Tate's "nnnooope!" for "no" and him still signing "please" and "more" even though he says the words along with it. When the big kids ask Tate to say their names and it comes to Zoe...we say "Tate, say 'Zoe' " and he says "Sissy" because he thinks that is her name.

Charlie saying at least twice every day "Mom, I have a WONDERFUL idea." And showing us his amazing dance moves.

Max praying last night for Jesus to give Mommy a good night's sleep. And praying for all the people who don't have a warm home to be safe in the snow, for Jesus to be with them and keep them warm. Tell me God doesn't speak through children and I will invite you to listen to our bedtime prayers. Precious.

Zoe bounce, bounce, bouncing everywhere. So excited for her birthday TOMORROW!! Oh to have an almost-5- year-old's enthusiasm for one's birthday! Her smooches and her adoration for her brothers: " Max, when I am in college I will think about you all the time."

These moments are fleeting and I am thankful for the reminder.

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