Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, that was quite a break...

I didn't realize it has been almost a month since I've blogged! We've been busy . Sometimes the kind of busy I like and sometimes not. But a blog in bullet points is about the only kind I have the energy for so here goes. I've been busy:

*wiping nose after nose, giving spoonful after spoonful of medicine, and giving cuddle after cuddle to a different sick kid

*attending 2 AWESOME conferences for 2 AWESOME boys and celebrating their great growth and character in kindergarten and second grade

*decorating Valentine's Day boxes and eating lots of conversation hearts and heart-shaped suckers

*getting our summer calendar mapped out (glory hallelujah!!)

* working at the kids' school book fair.

* being a pushover and buying more books for the kids at the kids' school book fair.

* figuring out my new iPhone (I have the best husband ever--happy Valentine's Day to me!! :) )

* writing strongly-worded e-emails to the school board members in our district so they don't cut our precious summer a week short as is propsed. Yikes!

* finding out Buck needs knee surgery following a workout injury from a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully it's not urgent but it is causing him some pain right now and my workout-addict-husband is craving a run! We are hopeful to have the surgery on the books by the end of March.

* trying yet another medication regimen for my migraines. Jury's still out but as always, I am hopeful!

* growing out my's been short short short for over 4 years and now I haven't had a haircut in almost 3 months. I will probably get the scissors out myself one of these days (which I have been known to do) but we shall see! :)

* and tonight...watching the Oscars, texting my friend Heather, and eating a Butterfinger Blizzard in my PJ's. Life is good.

I am sure I have been busy doing lots and lots of other things in the past month but those are a few things that came to mind. I hope all is well in all your worlds. Happy Monday, friends.

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