Sunday, May 22, 2011

A few more...

As promised, I wanted to share some more of our fun pictures that MckMama took...

And NO I am not a single mom...the photoshoot was a last-minute kind of thing and Buck could not get out of his work appointments. It really was all about the kids anyway, but she tried to get one of all of us...this was the best she could do! :)
Here is a pretty typical Zoe/Tate moment (note that he does not look surprised or upset!)

And here is a rare Charlie/Zoe moment! Love that it is caught on film!! :)

Be still my this guy...

Typical Tate...hand in the dude...

Oh sweet girl...look at that dimple...(I've got a matching one--did you know? Same side!)

LOVE this Charlie face. Priceless!

Handsome guy...little bit of a crooked grin, just like my dad. :)

And oh, my Max...Trying to look serious but not succeeding very well. Love love love him.

So, do I choose?? :) I think I will be buying A LOT of photos.


  1. Laura that is so cool!!!! You ARE famous, and wonderfully blessed! Love them all!

  2. Lovely photos! I'd love to see your colorful house full of these great shots:)