Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter...late as always...

As usual, I am running late! We always do the obligatory Easter picture of the kids togther. Love this one. Thanks, Miss! I love Tate's look. I'm sure I was doing something goofy behind the camera. :) Charlie is in Easter outfit #2 in this picture as somehow a squirt gun fight started between church and lunch. That's what happens when the cousins get together--and somehow Charlie was the only one wet!

We have enjoyed--finally--a gorgeous weekend. Tate insisted on wearing shorts both days. That child is a summer boy to be sure. We have some very nice new neighbors and the kids spent lots of time together this weekend running in and out of each other's houses. I'm sure we'll have a fun summer together!

A busy week is on the agenda. Lots going on with baseball/t-ball times 3 kids and a dance recital this weekend PLUS my grandparents are coming to town. Yippee! My grandpa's 90th birthday is a week from Monday--we are celebrating quietly due to my aunt's recent death but recognizing the momentous milestone nonetheless. It's hard to be helping my mom plan when really my aunt would be reveling in the planning...they had some fun things in the works. No doubt this is going to be a HARD weekend but I am so thankful we are going to be together again. When all of us are separated by many miles it's not often we see each other. To see each other again in the span of just a couple of months will be nice, and this time to celebrate...even though Leslie won't be there. This is life now--yuck. I am glad the little cousins get to spend time together again. Max is talking about Ella and Lydia and Calista--I know they will have fun.

And finally Happy May Day! Thank you to our wonderful neighbors who sugared up our kids for the week again since Easter wasn't quite sufficient! :) Ha!! Just kidding, we have the best neighborhood! It was fun to have lots of doorbell rings today and lots of fun treats--hard to keep Tate's sticky fingers out of the baskets though. Have a wonderful start to the week.

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