Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Boy!

I cannot believe that my oldest is 9! It's amazing how well we moms remember every single detail of the day our children came into our lives. All throughout Max's special day, Buck and I would look at each other and say "remember where we were 9 years ago?" It was a gorgeous August Wednesday morning when Max decided to make his arrival. And this August Sunday was no different--a beautiful day celebrating an awesome kid!! Love this guy...

Max with his new friend, Mr. Moola! He won him at the State Fair by making one pretty amazing basketball shot. It was SOOO fun to watch him win! :) And now he has a buddy who takes up the entire other spot in his double bed.

Max opening his long-awaited iPod touch. He has waited and saved for months and months for this thing--and it was a gift from both us and his grandparents. It was a great lesson for Max in patience and saving! And it has been worth the wait!! He has been very responsible with his fancy new toy. Here's hoping it continues!

Sweet Charlie-Man couldn't let his brother get ALL the pictures!

The birthday boy with his requested red velvet cupcakes. Happy 9th Birthday, John Maxwell! You are a blessing and it is such an honor and joy to be your parents. We can't wait to continue to see what God has in store for your life. Big things, I have no doubt!!

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