Monday, August 8, 2011


Thank you so much for your prayers friends. God is faithful and good--all the time! Zoe is doing really well and just manipulted her dad into her second chocolate shake of the day ("with the cherry on top?" oh so sweetly... :) ). I can't quite believe it but they were running early at the surgery center and we were home before 10! Dr. S says the surgery went "perfectly" and "beautifully". Music to my ears!!! Thank you, Lord! It was a little rough right when she woke up and soon after getting home...but as you can guess from the ice cream requests, she is doing much better now. It will have to be a quiet couple of weeks as she heals--hard to keep our girl down, but we will do it! Thank you again for your prayers. We all appreciate it so much. Much love to each of you.

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