Sunday, December 11, 2011

How it's going?

So many people have asked us how it's going with baby Selah and the older four kids. I thought I would sum it up in photos (and thought you all wouldn't mind!)

There's this sweet guy:

Just missed him giving baby sis a sweet kiss

But this happens multiple times a day. "Hold her pwease, Mama?" comes out of his mouth a lot!

Then there's this precious sister, a sweet little "mama" at the ripe old age of 5. It's amazing that God has given us that innate knowledge of how to hold a baby, try to comfort a baby. So cute to see Zoe try to "shh, shh, shh" Selah while gently bouncing her.

And this proud guy. Sorry about the red eye--darn iPhone camera! He was the first brother to give Selah a bottle, and he was so excited! He was a pro.

And one more very proud brother! He had to make sure I got a picture of him giving Selah a kiss. :)

It looks like he's smooshing her but really it's a very sweet little kiss on her head. :)

Bottom line...things are going amazingly well. Truly I don't think they could be going any better (other than those 3 AM feedings but that's a newborn!) Selah has just become part of our family like she's always been there. And now we can't imagine our family without her. Yep, things are going well. Thanks for asking. :)

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