Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some adoption FAQ's

4. Why did you decide to adopt from the U.S. this time? I may get a tad defensive with this question and I don't mean to so please know that's where this answer is coming from. When someone asks me this, what I hear (and this is totally my issue! Probably not implied at all!) is "there are orphans all over the world who need to be adopted, why didn't you adopt one of them?". I answered some of this issue in my "Details, part 1" post so I apologize for repeating myself. We wanted to return to Ethiopia this time but it just didn't "feel" quite right. We believe that to be a leading from the Holy Spirit. Buck and I have always tried to be very open to God's leading through our adoptions and we fully believe that if a door closed in the midst of our processes we weren't going to force that door open by pushing and pushing and kicking it down (sorry for the metaphor!). The doors to our Ethiopian adoption were slowly closing around us. It was sad and frustrating and we don't know if we will adopt from there again...we might...but we don't know. Meanwhile, the doors to a domestic adoption were swinging wide if God was saying "over here...hello! Come over here!" It took some prayer and discernment and TIME, but we figured it out. Bottom line, friends...there is NEED everywhere. Here, in Africa, in China, EVERYWHERE. There is no doubt in our minds that we were meant to be in the life of Selah's birth mom and that Selah was meant to be our daughter. And however that came to be...was in God's hands.

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