Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy busy

It's been a busy few weeks around here! My kindergartner and first grader had their concerts last week and it was SO fun. The theme was "Sing Yourself Silly" so the kids got to wear silly, mismatched clothes, which they loved!

And Tate can never be left out...

Someone lost one tooth on Friday

And the next one on Saturday...

The Tooth Fairy was busy! But thankfully she didn't fall asleep on the job like the last time Charlie lost a tooth. ;)

Somebody else got lots of loves from her auntie and cousins at Morgan's 5th birthday party! The cousins had a ball together and the big boys enjoyed the sleepover.

And I just love sleeping kiddo pictures because it happens so infrequently. :)

Please continue to pray for our sweet niece Morgan. She's back in the hospital and needs her antibiotics to start working. Tate, Mia and I are heading over there tomorrow morning for a quick visit...hopefully the kids will bring a smile to Miss M! Thank you, friends.

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