Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just sharing...

There's definitely a reason I don't blog much anymore. Just trying to live my life instead of writing or posting photos about my life. :) I feel like we have settled into our "new normal" of life with 5 kids. It's a great normal and it's a BUSY normal. And sometimes an exhausting normal, especially when Buck travels. I don't know if other wives of traveling husbands experience this but my children are different when Daddy's out of town. Behavior-wise, sleep-wise, most-everything-wise...they are different. Daddy brings a much-needed dynamic to our daily routine and we all miss him when he's gone! Just for Buck...because he thought you all would get a laugh out of is the exact wording of the text I sent him at 6:29 AM.

"Your children are crazy. Talked me into staying up until 9, Tate up at 11 "wanting Daddy", then asked to change his pajamas, then needed water, Mia up at 1:30, 3:30, 6, scooted out of the swaddling blanket and bonked her head on the headboard {she joined me in bed at some point}. You can get that vasectomy any time. Thank God I have to work today!"
Buck's response? "WOW". Thanks for the sympathy, honey. :)

I know you all have those moments too, and knowing that I'm not alone helps tremendously. The week can only get better from here!

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  1. Hang in there Laura:) I hope Buck is home for the weekend.