Thursday, November 4, 2010

And behind door #2...

Pretty much every little thing in Zoe's room has some significance. I love that. Although I love that she and the boys shared a room for so long and were so cozy together, she never really had a place to put her "stuff" and a place to call her own. So now she does. A very pink place. :) I thought of going through and explaining all the significance of everything but some of it is personal to her and I didn't want to share too much. So you can see it but maybe not know what it all means.

Here is her whole long beautiful name--Zoe Tamenech Courtney--Zoe is the name we picked for her and it means "life" in Greek. We love that. Tamenech is the name her Ethiopian family gave her and it means "she is believed". Courtney is after Buck's sister Jill Courtney who is our very special "Aunt G". She traveled with us to Ethiopia to bring Zoe home.

And one green wall to balance some of the pinkness. :) The little dress hanging on the mirror is what she was wearing in the goodbye ceremony that we had at her care center in Ethiopia. Truly one of the most emotion-filled days of my entire life. She was such a teeny tiny little peanut and what an awesome privilege and joy and responsibility we were being given on that day by receiving the gift of our daughter wearing that gorgeous little dress. I love to look at it and remember. Zoe looks at it and wants to put it on her dolls. :) That's a 4-year-old for you. No more room redecorations for a long time. Hope you have enjoyed!


  1. Love Love Love the new rooms! You guys did a great job. Thanks for sharing your masterpieces!