Monday, November 29, 2010

The day before Thanksgiving...

We visited this lovely bearded man--do you notice there are only 3/4 of the Olsen children? Yes, Tate refused to even get out of the stroller. But thankfully, there was no screaming involved this time. Like the time we were at the furniture store 2 weeks ago and there was an unexpected visit from a nice jolly white-bearded fellow. There was a lot of screaming that time. But this is a great picture of the older 3. And Santa was very nice. Except when Zoe said she wanted a doll, he asked "a big doll or a little doll?" and of course, Zoe said "a HUGE doll...please." Oh boy. Santa better get shopping!

The kids got to take a super fun ride on the train. Here is Mr. Independent. He really wanted to ride in the first car, since that is where the bell is. So he did. With 3 little girls we didn't know. :)

And there's the caboose! What a great day. We all love when there's no school!

P.S. A very Happy Birthday to my dear friend Sarah! She's a loyal reader and one of my oldest friends--not that she's old (haha) but I've known her forever. Happy birthday, sweet friend! Love you and miss you, and I am putting your card in the mail TODAY! :)

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  1. Thanks friend! So sweet of you to think of me on my special day. Big love to you and the kiddos. These pictures are great! Not sure if we'll take Miss M to see Santa this year or not. :)