Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cute kid quotes

I have to get these down before my foggy brain forgets them since they are good ones...enjoy...I know we did...

From Max: "Come on, Charlie, work with me here, man." Just sounded so grown up!

From Charlie: "Mom, it is hard to think with your heart." Me: "Well, yes it is, but whatever you think is OK. What is your heart thinking?" Charlie:"That my mom is the super cutest girl in the whole world." seriously....could not make this stuff up if I tried!

From Zoe: "Mom, my leg hurts." Me: "Where on your leg?" Zoe: "On my leg armpit." (try to figure that out...it actually kind of makes sense!) :)

From Tate: Poor guy had another ear infection and Buck and I were trying to decide about taking him to urgent care over the weekend. Somehow in his fever-induced fog Tate heard the word "doctor" and out of nowhere started saying "No, Mommy, doctor my cry." Which is true! Ever since our traumatic ear-suctioning experience, the doctor DOES make him cry. :( No doctor for him...we waited it out and ibuprofen and ear drops did the trick. Phew!

Another little sweet Zoe story, when my family was in town for my aunt's funeral, my sister, cousins and I went to the funeral home to spend time with my aunt and view her without other people around. Well, in explaining that Auntie Les had died, we told the kids that she was in heaven. So as I was leaving to go to the funeral home, I made the mistake of saying I was going to see Auntie Les...Zoe nearly fainted. She said "I thought she was in heaven??!!" I don't know if she thought Auntie Les came back or if I was going to heaven to visit but needless to say there was some explaining to do. Goodness gracious...

We are muddling through real life around here. I have enjoyed some great conversations with good friends lately and hope for the same for you--the good stuff in life. Happy day, friends.

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