Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where to begin...

What a long week it has been. We are weary, but feeling like life has to move forward at some point so I guess life moving forward starts tomorrow morning! Because of all the circumstances surrounding my aunt's sudden death--she was in Houston on a business trip, not at home, coupled with the fact that her family chose to have her funeral here in Iowa, where she was born and raised--made for a long week of waiting last week. Family started to arrive and her visitation and funeral were on Friday and Saturday. More family visits today and the start of picking up the pieces. We are a small family--not that something like this hits a big family any less--but I do think we feel Leslie's absence intensely, especially when all of our family is gathered together. How she would have LOVED to see everyone together!

There is so much heartache beyond what is happening in my own little world as well. I think of Japan. The images are staggering and every day I hear a death toll that is higher than the day before. It truly makes me wonder about when Jesus is going to return in His glory to make all things new--when every tear will be wiped away and every knee will bow to acknowledge Him. Come, Lord Jesus!

I also humbly ask for prayers for my friend Brenda, fighting now in the middle of her second relapse of lymphoma. Her kids are our kids' ages and our husbands also work together. They are working on a plan for Brenda to start a clinical trial--a new and overwhelming prospect all the while trying to maintain as much normalcy for their 3 kiddos. Her life and her illness is a testimony to the Lord, and so please continue to pray not only for her spirit to be uplifted but also for her body to be completely healed.

It is spring break around these parts and I must say I am looking forward to having my little ducklings (or monkeys or chickens...whatever animal I choose to call my children on any given day!) around this week. Plus an extra--super-cool cousin Will is spending half of his break with us as well! If you happen to catch me at Target in my jammies, don't judge me. :) Here is hoping for a peaceful week.

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