Thursday, April 21, 2011

The things that come out of my mouth...

Seriously, the things that are said around here sometimes...

At Sunday School last week, as I am teaching, I ask enthusiastically (and rhetorically) "Who wants to talk about the miracle of Jesus raising from the dead?!" And my sweet precious Charlie yells "Not me, Chickadee!"

Again during Sunday school--"Kids, please don't use the crosses [that they had made from popsicle sticks] as guns."

After asking Zoe to come upstairs one morning and do her normal routine--make her bed, brush her teeth, etc. She was kind of stomping around and I said "Lose the attitiude, sister." To which she replied "I have an attitude, Mom. I can't just LOSE it."

Here's wishing you a very blessed Friday.

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