Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catching up...

We have LOVED summer so far. But it is flying by--going way too fast. I can't believe the kids will be in school in a little over a month. That is just too much to think about. We have so many fun things to do before then--including 2 weeks of Lake time. So here are some catch-up pics from earlier in the summer. We had a great day at the zoo here in town on one of the first warm days early in June. The kids are at such perfect ages right now--still love hanging out together, but getting easier to take out and about for a whole day without an extra set of hands. :) Here are a few fun shots of our perfect day at the zoo.

Everyone loved the giraffes! They were very friendly that day.

This was as close as Tate would get to any dinosaur there. :)


Of course--had to take a train ride. Tate loved the "TUNNEL!!!"

The dinosaur exhibit was so fun--except that we had to zip through there because Tate cried through most of it. Poor guy did NOT like the roaring of the dinos.

We got great views of all of the animals there--they were all out wandering around. Both the lion and lioness were very photogenic! :)

We are excited for the rest of summer! Happy day, friends.

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