Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation, Take 1!

We had the BEST week at the Lake. We had perfect weather, kids getting along (glory be!), good little sleepers at night, donuts every single morning and fun fun fun! We are home for this week and then we head back out again for another week--our summers are pretty rough. ;)

Daddy had just flown them outside the wake. WOO HOO!
My 5 most favorite people in the whole world

Daddy was the only person who could get our little blond Goldilocks jump in the still-chilly lake. Daddy and his boating buddy!!

There was some serious fishing as well. Look at this 24-incher Max reeled in. (He looks like he's in pain, but trust me, he's having the time of his life! I think he was squinting into the sun! )

And look at this 27-incher that Zoe got! Seriously!! It was a BIG ONE! And our fearless girl wanted to hold it, throw it back, look at its teeth...goodness gracious!

Our kayaking champ! We got so much use out of the kayaks (thank you, Shannon!)--Charlie is a natural and paddles like a pro. It was fun to see him get so much confidence on the water.

It was another great week making so many precious memories. We are so blessed that my grandparents open their home to us and give us these opportunities to have the perfect family vacations each year. It just gets more and more fun! Can't wait to go back--T-minus 4 days! Happy Wednesday, friends.

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