Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look who's 7!!!

I truly can't believe my second sweet baby boy is 7 years old--as of June 30 (I'm still catching up here!). He is a fun-lover, enthusiastic about life in general, spends his day walking around hand-drumming on any surface possible, and was voted "most-improved" on his team at Drake basketball camp on the very day of his birthday! It was a super special day for our guy...a day celebrating Charlie...what could be better than that??

Riding high at his friends party at Chuck E. Cheese. Seriously, could my kids pick a place I like any LESS?? :) How I love them...

The birthday boy with awesome cousin Will!

Can't have a Chuck E Cheese birthday without the ticket blaster--he trapped so many tickets he got a full-size basketball! :)

Brothers and BFF's!

Birthday high-5 from Chuck E and friends.

Cool guy!

Everyone having fun--Max, Will and buddy Kade

Our guy all decked out with his fun new present--a skateboard from us and protective gear from the grandparents. :) Love this kid!!!

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