Saturday, January 7, 2012

A break would be nice...

Ever feel like you just can't get a break? It's been one of those times for us...a new garbage disposal for the sink (fun times!), the toilet overflowed onto the floor after someone (named Zoe) pooped in it ("I didn't know I shouldn't flush if it's too full, Mom!"), every single technological "thing" in this house is giving me fits, one of the kids' favorite (and therefore one of MY favorite) inside toys, our blow-up bounce house bounced a giant tear in one side, and Tate did some artwork in red marker on one of Max's prized stories which I had put on the stairs to bring up to put in Max's "special box." Oh, and Selah caught Buck's cold. Have you heard a 6-week-old with a stuffy nose? Poor thing. And last but not least...Buck surprised me with a super cool new Mac laptop. One of the main reasons was so I could organize and get our 9 years of kid pictures into photo books or albums. In my excitement I very well may have deleted I can hardly write that without crying. And to make it harder, the "recover your deleted" files places aren't open on the weekends...don't a lot of people do stupid stuff with their computers on the weekends? Help a girl out here. Seriously I would LOVE a break, any day now.

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