Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life in pictures

We are getting into more of a predictable routine around here (glory hallelujah and knock on wood!). Selah is getting up once at night still but goes right back to sleep and is pretty much the sweetest baby that ever was. Here are a few pics of our life lately...

Caught a sweet little smile!

I mentioned yesterday about my experiments in the kitchen...I made one of my all-time favorite foods, Chicago-style deep dish pizza. It was SO yummy! Charlie & I snapped this picture to send to Buck to say "hurry home!" It worked! :)

Winter finally arrived and I told Zoe to "get all her cold weather stuff on" to go to school. The ear muffs + the hat mean she was listening!

Yep, this is Selah's life these days...anywhere Selah is, Tate wants to kiss her, love her, make her smile. :) It may involve some smothering at some points, but already I think their relationship will be so sweet. He is such a good helper and always wants Say-Say to be happy. Love these two!

Happy happy Thursday, friends.

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  1. So glad to have found your blog... your family is precious!