Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun Photo Friday

Oh what a fun week it's been! Busy, busy and babies, babies! But fun stuff. Here's a quick glimpse at my babies...lights of my life and what keeps me smiling.

Tate is sort of learning to eat on his own, but hasn't quite mastered that plate thing yet. How can you "discipline" this smile?

These two have figured out the absolute best part of eating spaghetti!

Max's 100 stripes for the 100 days of school! He thought of this idea all on his own, made it all on his own, counted each stripe all on his own, and without counting them myself, I could guarantee you that there are no doubt 100 stripes on there. This kid is WAY more meticulous than I could ever be! Way to go Max!

The Zo-Girl is 4! Daddy's special Number Pancake for birthdays. Note the sleepy but happy eyes. Our girl is so special!
Have a great weekend. I am going to be writing a little something about adoption later today (I hope) because of a little gathering I'm hosting to get some information out about the adoption process in general. I am passionate about adoption and about helping families find a way to make adoption possible...please take what I post in that context. Thanks for indulging me! :) Have a great Friday!

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