Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weird nights, early mornings, and a lesson on kidneys (if you're interested)

I was so exhausted last night...I had my weekly migraine (which for the past 3 weeks has come on Monday...do you think my body is telling me it would like a 3-day weekend??). I fell asleep watching ice dancing. Ice dancing is sort of lame. I mean, they are talented and all, and I know it took a lot of hard work to get there. I'm not dissin' the ice dancers or anything. OK, I am a little bit. But whatever. I fell asleep watching ice dancing. Buck sleeps like the dead, so no way he would wake up and turn off the TV, so sometime around midnight I woke up and turned off the TV. Couldn't get back to sleep for a bit after that. Nice.

Finally got back to sleep, had the weirdest dream that Buck wanted me to read his journal. So (in my dream mind you) I read his journal and found out that he had had another child with some girl he went to high school with. And he told me this in his journal! So I woke up from that craziness at 2:15 and lay there seriously thinking back trying to remember if Buck dated this girl in high school which is ridiculous because he and I started dating when he was a sophomore for goodness sake. I hate the middle of the night thoughts because they are so bizarre! Couldn't get back to sleep after that weirdness either.

FINALLY blessed sleep came again and then BEEP BEEP BEEP. You thought that was my alarm clock? Oh, no, we don't set alarm clocks around here because we have 4 children that God somehow programmed like roosters to wake us up with the sunrise. No the BEEP BEEP BEEP was the cordless phone that I have to take off the charger on my nightstand all the time, put it up high out of Tate's reach because he plays with it all the time, and the last time he played with the phone he called 911 and then they called me back to make sure everything was OK. Which I was thankful for. But embarrassed because, you know, I didn't realize my 1-year-old had called 911. So the cordless phone decided it had a low battery at 4:55 this morning. Nice. Again.

So I had a very restful night. You?? Sorry I'm too tired to do the lesson on kidneys, that will have to wait til another day. Zoe has a little kidney issue we're figuring out but I'll fill y'all in some other time. Peace~

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  1. Laura! I love the new blog!! You are amazing - how you find the time for everything is inspirational! I can relate to the middle-of-the-night crazies...I have weird dreams too, usually involving Craig...everything is so much "brighter" in the daylight!