Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Charlie's Turn!

Today was Charlie's official last day of preschool before he heads off into the big world of full-day school! Mercy me, somebody stop the passage of time! I am so, so thankful, however, that we found the choice for Charlie of "optional kindergarten" in a school district right next door to ours, where he could go to school for free, have 14 kids in his class and get totally prepared for kindergarten with other kids just like him--the right age for kindergarten but just not quite ready yet. It was an awesome year. Their "Beach Party" was the icing on the cake! Check out the dude in the green and yellow beach shirt!

Charlie with his good buddy A--they actually have had two full years of preschool together! A is going to stay at this school next year while Charlie comes back to our home district school (he was open-enrolled this year). We aren't sure what either boy is going to do without the other!

Chars with the fabulous Mrs. Young! We have been completely blessed to have such great teachers for our kiddos year after year. Believe it or not, her dad is the chaplain at the college where I did my first undergrad degree. Small world. :)

We love our Charlie-Man! Can't wait to see what God has in store for him in kindergarten! Oh me oh out world!

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