Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An interesting thought on caffeine

As I am nearing the end of my caffeine-fueled days (yes, that was one of the neurologist's recommendations), I heard a timely study being discussed on the radio yesterday. While I don't have references or anything, which as a nurse I often want, I still found it thought-provoking enough to throw it out there to you all! The researchers found that for people who regularly consume caffeine, it actually doesn't give you that morning "boost" like we may think it does. All it does is take away the withdrawal symptoms we are having, making us feel normal, rather than more alert than normal. For people who are not regular caffeine connoseiurs, however, caffeine will probably have that eye-opening effect that the rest of us are hoping for. So becoming addicted to caffeine and having a big cup of joe every day is really doing nothing for us...making us dependent on something that is expensive, causing us to have withdrawal headaches and crabbiness, and overall probably isn't that good for us. A good cup of coffee every once in a while or a delicious ice-cold Coke on an occasional summer day? Drink up. Interesting, huh?

Also, I finished Jodi Picoult's "Handle With Care" and will write my thoughts here shortly. Have a couple new summer reads to get going on as well! I'm always open to good books, so if anyone has any suggestions, send them my way. Happy summer everyone~

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