Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our week...whew!

Wow, our week has been awesome and I seriously can't believe that it is Thursday night already. I am worried that the rest of the summer is going to go this fast!! Nooooo! Slow down, summer.

Max had pretty much the highlight of his summer this week with Drake basketball camp. This kid was in heaven. All week at the Knapp Center, shooting hoops with Drake players, playing games...awesome. He got a "hustler of the day" on Tuesday, and today his team, the Celtics, won the championship!! Too bad for the real Celtics...I think they need Mr. Max on their team, he seems to be good luck!! Words can't describe how proud I am of him...honestly more for his enthusiasm and attitude than his abilities on the court...he has a gift of making everyone around him as excited about basketball as he is. :)

Every day after camp, we would pick up Max and head out to Nama and Papa's house for a quick dinner on our way to Vacation Bible School at our church. Buck and I were both teaching this year which made for a very full week!! But it was so much fun, and us grown-ups had just as much fun as the kids (especially those root beer floats tonight, right?) We learned how Jesus gives us the power to be thankful, the power to be brave, the power to live forever and the power to tell others about God. Can you tell our theme was God's Power Lab? :) It was awesome. Zoe's quote of the night:
Me: "Zoe, tell Mama what you learned about in Bible school."
Zoe: "Well, I learned that God gives us the power to tell our mom and dad to do the right things and that God is with us when we hug our stuffed animals!" All of this said with a huge smile and great confidence! Fantastic! Not sure what Bible school she was at, but I am glad there was some God stuff in there somewhere. That's a 4- year-old for you.

Zoe and Charlie finally have their dance recital this weekend...yippeee! And then it is off to the Lake we go for our first trip north of 2010. Can't wait to be back on the water...I downloaded 2 books onto my iPad and can't wait to read them. And is anyone else out there totally pumped for Toy Story 3? I am so glad I have a couple of kids fo drag with me, otherwise I would feel a little silly...but can't wait for that one. Hope your week has been as full and blessed as mine has. Love to you all ~

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