Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy week!

We had a very busy week last week! Dance, cheerleading, football practice, soccer practice, tae kwon do--plus school mixed in as well makes for a busy family of 6! But we made it and have another fun-filled week ahead of us. We are looking forward to our couples small group starting up again tomorrow night (at our house--which meant I had to dust tonight, and break out the vacuum tomorrow! ha!). Do you know what else I love about this week? TV PREMIERE WEEK!! I am not a huge TV-watcher, although Buck would probably argue with that since he watches virtually NO TV, except whatever I have on. I really only watch shows after the kids have gone to bed--who has time for TV during the day?? Anyway, the 2 shows I am most excited about--can you guess??--"House" and "The Good Wife". Cannot wait! And we are practically living in the dark ages because we don't have DVR at our house. My friends (and my mom for goodness sake!) tell me that DVR will change my life. Not sure I want my life changed in that way, but on nights like tomorrow, I do wish, wish, wish we had DVR--the "House" premiere along with small group. Buck suggested we watch "House" for our meeting--tomorrow night I would agree! Believe it or not, my mom said she would DVR it for me so I will probably be at her house at 10 pm tomorrow night watching it...I would do crazy things like that for this show I am addicted to. :) What shows are you looking forward to??