Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home sweet home...

Heather and I with our girls
This is what "big Maya" thought of Zoe trying to hold her :)
With my favorite 3-month-old in the whole wide world
Baby Maya loved her new "Maya" pillow made by Crystal

I was so thankful to re-connect with two of the dearest people in my life--my oldest friend Sarah (we met in 5th grade, and have been friends ever since!) and my sweet college friend Heather (without whom I would have transferred colleges after the first semester!). Both have adorable baby girls, and it was amazing to spend time with them in their homes, see what their "mommy lives" are like and discuss the joys and challenges of motherhood and family life. Much different than our high school and college conversations, but also so much the same--I feel like we can always just pick up where we left off and be off and running.

We are back in the swing of things around here. Zoe had her first cheerleading practice (I know, I know...she's 4...but it's so cute!!), and Charlie has been practicing hard to earn his white belt in tae kwon do. I am so excited for him!! He has to recite his first "student creed" and we've all been practicing it with him. It's cute to watch Max try and give him memorization tips. You know, because he's soooo much older and wiser. :) It's a great creed, and as I now have it memorized as well :), it makes a lot of sense for all of us to say this every day. Check it out:

"I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will reduce my mental growth or my physical health." (And picture Charlie saying this, then putting a big "SIR" on the end. Awesome!) I'm happy to be home but oh-so-thankful for those enduring friendships that mean the world to me! What a blessing. Have a great week!

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  1. So neat to see Heather and her precious Maya! Tell her hi for me! I think it is so special that just you and Zoe went away together. She is such a beauty!