Thursday, September 30, 2010

My 100th Post!

So when I sign into my blog, it always tells me how many posts I have made. And today I noticed that as of yesterday, I had 99 posts, making this my 100th post! Man, I guess I have a lot to say. I love what my sister is doing with her blog...making it like a digital scrapbook so she can remember the ordinary ins and outs of daily life. I am planning to download all of my posts and pictures to a book as well. Since I'm so on top of the kids' scrapbooks and all. NOT. Would you believe there is NOTHING, yes NOTHING in Zoe's scrapbook and ummmm....Tate....well I haven't even bought his scrapbook yet. I have all of their baby milestones recorded, but that's about it. So yes, I am thankful to have this outlet to help me remember the days of my little monkeys. But I decided that today I would do my 100th post about this guy:

Since he doesn't have a scrapbook and all. :) My sweet baby is almost 2! He is 6 weeks away from his second birthday and it really doesn't seem possible. Did you know that by this time with the Max and Charlie, we had another baby on the way? And with Zoe, she was just 2 1/2 when Tate was born. So baby fever you're thinking? Yes, I believe I have a serious chronic case of baby fever. And I probably always's just how I'm wired. But alas, there is no news to report here. :) Thought I had something fun to tell you? Nope! Anyway, that does relate to my almost-2-year-old baby because I definitely baby this baby. I carry him everywhere. It's a wonder that he has figured out running because he barely runs anywhere; Mommy picks him up and carries him. Just the other day at Target, I got him out of the cart, and put him down so he could walk out holding my hand in the parking lot. He loved it--and then I realized "holy cow, that is the first time he's ever done this!" With all my other 2-year-olds, I was either pregnant or carting a carseat carrier...unable to carry them too!

Other fun things about Tate: he can pretty much repeat any word you say to him, but he is still a boy of few words. Favorite word? "No." We all get a kick out of asking Tate random questions and hearing him say "No" as the answer. "Tate, do you like ice cream?" "no." "Tate, do you love Mommy?" "no" "Tate, where is Max?" "no". He said his first 4-word sentence the other day when I sneaked a bite of his granola bar...and it was "Mama, no eat mine!" :) That's my boy, holding his own.

Tate loves balls of any kind and after watching his brothers and daddy play football in the front yard, he can now get down in the football ready position and say "hut, hut, hike" and then run around in circles. He is also very artistic, expressing his innermost thoughts anywhere he can--this morning it was marker on Max's school planner--which made for a VERY unhappy Type-A older brother. I've said this before but Tate has an uncanny radar for markers. It's like he can sense there is one available to him to draw all over with.

One of my very, very favorite parts of the day is getting Tate up from his afternoon nap. He is usually pretty peaceful when he wakes up, and he usually in his crib playing with his pacifier or some other stuffed animal friend. He is so warm and squishy and his hair is all sticking out everywhere. I pick him up and he cuddles right into me. Ahhhh, pure joy.

As you can tell, I am enamored with this guy. He makes me laugh every single day. He is independent and joyful. And he is still my baby. And one of these days I will buy him a scrapbook but until all are stuck reading the mundane things about him. :) Have a great day...

Oh and P.S.--Do you like the new pictures across the top? Thought it was time for a little update and these are a few of my favorite pictures from this summer.

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  1. Congrats on your 100th post! Love the new pics. So fun!