Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family and Friends

Well, the Christmas season is very much upon us and my blog is suffering because of it! :) We have been busy, busy around here, all with good things. A blog post in bullet points is about the best I can do right now--more for my own memory than for anyone else's reading pleasure. Here goes:

* Tate had 2 doctor's appointments in one day last Monday. Well-child check and ENT follow-up. He is in the 90th percentile for height! Had a little growth spurt, while only gaining a pound. Long and lean for the time being. The ENT doctor gave us some mixed results. We may be looking at another round of ear tubes for Tate but will have another follow-up appointment in 2 weeks before proceeding with surgery. Tate was a trooper!

* Max had a basketball clinic on Saturday that he is very, very excited about. It is a faith-based league from all around Des Moines. Practices don't start until after Christmas--not sure what I am going to do with my little hoopster until then!!

* I spent Friday evening with some of my favorite ladies--my "Who's Pregnant Now?" group--and as far as we know, not a one of us is! :) We talked about the Bible, Catholicism, labor stories, midwifery vs. medical care, and pretty much everything in between. One of our gals is moving in a couple of weeks and I'm so sad I can't stand it. Our group won't be the same without her! Love you, Kristin!!!

* Part of Saturday was spent hanging out with Charlie while he helped me grocery shop for my cooking afternoon for my cooking co-op. Grocery shopping is about 25 times faster when you are NOT with a 6-year-old who wants to sound out every word of what is on the grocery list, but it was so fun to spend a good chunk of time with my favorite 6-year-old all by himself. He got a surprise at the grocery store by getting to see Santa ("Um no, Mom, I know that's just one of his helpers--the real Santa is at the mall!") and he got to decorate a cookie there as well. I bought him a bag of cheese balls (his choice) for being such a good helper. He said "Eureka!! I love cheese balls!" Thank you, Alvin and the Chipmunks movie! :)

* Saturday night we had one of our most favorite families over for dinner and play time. It was wonderful, relaxing and fun! We thought we would break in our new dining room table for the get-together but we didn't even pay attention and we all ended up eating around the kitchen island like we always do. :) Guess we'll have to practice on going into the dining room.

* Some good friends of ours, Erik and Kim, got their referral call for a 6-month-old baby girl who is in Ethiopia. They waited 12 months and 364 days (yep you read that right...1 day short of 2 YEARS) for this call. My heart is overjoyed for them and their new addition. Praise the Lord!! Apparently there has been an outbreak of measles in some of the care centers in Ethiopia so we are praying for their sweet little girl's health and well-being as she waits for her mom and dad to come get her!

* My little chickadee (AKA Zoe) has been cracking us up lately with funny comments. Typical one: Yesterday in line at the movie theater, another mom said to Zoe "You are pretty cute." Zoe replied "I get that a lot." Seriously??!!! I am pretty sure something that comes out of her mouth every single day makes me laugh out loud.

* Tate and I have a running conversation pretty much the ENTIRE day EVERY day about where the other kids are:
Tate: "Bo Bo?" (Tate speak for "where's my brothers?")
Me: "Bo Bo's are at school. You tell Mommy. Where are the Bo Bo's?"
Tate: "Cool." (Tate speak for "school". Yay!!)
5 minutes later....
Tate: "Sissy?"
Me: "Sissy's at school. Where is Sissy?"
Tate: "Cool."

Sort of like an actual conversation! I LOVE this age!! New words and experiences all the time.

* I have a little update I need to post at some point about my migraines but I have been seeing my chiropractor regularly for almost 2 weeks and I think I may be having fewer headaches. I know they have been less intense when I have them so I am again, cautiously optimistic that this approach may at least help.

PHEW!! If you read this far, you get a gold star. More pictures of the kids to come, because really, what's a post without pictures of the kids, right? Happy Monday, friends.

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