Sunday, December 26, 2010

Abbreviated Christmas Post

Well, I am still worn out from all the Christmas fun at our house! Santa scored overwhelmingly high points in bringing each of the kids exactly what they asked for (Mom disclaimer here: I am not a huge fan of the jolly man in red--he gets a lot of credit for some really good stuff. BUT I am not a fun-hater either. Whatever.) Max got the long-awaited DS--and lo and behold, Charlie did too!! Sometimes being the oldest has its advantages...other times not so much. Mom and Dad decided to personally ask Santa the last TWO YEARS to not bring Max a DS. Now his 6-year-old brother gets one too. Ugh. Santa was right in thinking that only one of them having one wouldn't be such a good plan. Thankfully Max is a very understanding and gracious kid. It all worked out fine. Not that these are real problems--I mean, two kids in our house have some really cool toys. Seriously.

Zoe got not one but TWO Tiana dolls (from Disney's "The Princess and The Frog")--Santa only consults with Mom and Dad, not Grandma and Grandpa--hence the duplicate. :) The girl did not care. She has spent the past 2 days brushing her dolls' hair--I believe there may be a future there!

Tate got one of the most fun presents--a little Lightning McQueen ride-on toy--that he was seriously scared of until Uncle Jeffery showed him the ropes. :) Very fun. It will hopefully bring some enjoyment in the garage over the next few cold months.

We were so happy to be home, having a quiet holiday with just us and Buck's family. We spent most of Saturday in our jammies--with the kids getting dressed briefly to put on snow gear and go sledding. We had a gorgeous white Christmas here. It was truly picture-perfect.

One of the most special highlights was Buck's brother (the famous Uncle Jeffery) coming home for most of the weekend, and giving us one of the best presents a family could get--an ultrasound picture of a new niece or nephew. We are all guessing niece because of his track record (2 beautiful girls!) but are pulling for a boy. :) The kids couldn't be more excited for a new cousin and we are overwhelmingly thankful for this precious new life!

Christmas time always gives me pause--to remember all of the events surrounding our Savior's birth. He came as a BABY. He came for us. He came with a specific purpose and most of all, with love for every single one of us. As I think of that cradle, I think of the cross. How Mary knew that her precious baby would be given as a sacrifice for us. While I am incredibly thankful for Christmas, I think ahead toward Easter. Toward what happened on the cross. And what we each can do every day to honor the gift of Jesus.

OK so maybe this wasn't so abbreviated. :) Pictures to come--because what's a post without pictures, right? Merry Christmas, friends.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful christmas! My older boys both got a ds this year too :) Happy new year!