Friday, December 17, 2010

Friend Feature Friday

Since I occasionally don't have much to say (hard to believe, isn't it?), I want to start featuring some of my amazing friends--and they really are amazing women!--and "friend feature Friday" just has a nice ring to it. I want to start with this wonderful gal, who just had a "significant" birthday and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate together!

My friend Julie and I are proud members of the 4-kid club and have spent a couple of New Year's Eves together as families because no one else asks people with 4 kids over for New Year's Eve. ha!! Our kids are almost the same ages, except her youngest 2 are TWIN BOYS. Now that's just enough to make you kiss her feet right there. Her road to motherhood was a hard one, and she cherishes those little blessings like no one else I know. She can always put things in perspective for me.

We had so much fun having their family at the Lake with us this summer! Remember this picture?

This is what it looks like when all 8 of our children are together--and there is one hiding in the background by Max there! Loads of fun and LOTS of boys. :)

Julie is one of those people I can always count on to call and vent to--sometimes it's just a "how's your day going?" text--but I know I will get an honest response! Many a time we have met for coffee at Target (who doesn't love that there is a Starbucks at Target? Can I get an AMEN?) at 9:30 at night for some girl time. We can talk about our parenting struggles, the ups and downs of married life, and our walk with the Lord--usually all in the same breath!

She is a working mom these days, taking a hard step back into the work force after many years at home raising her boys. I admire SO much that Julie will always do what is best for her family, even if it might not be exactly what she wants to do. She is a talented career woman--and took a step out of a job she loved and was very good at--in order to be home with baby twins. Now she is back in the working world, learning a new job and new skills--sometimes a hard and scary thing to do. All the while, making sure her boys are her top priority.

I am very, very thankful for this friend in my life. I know I can count on her for fun and friendship and I am truly blessed to call her a sister in Christ. Thank you for who you are, Miss Julie!

Happy Friday, friends.

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