Sunday, January 16, 2011

Go Boat!

For some reason, the kids got on a kick this weekend asking about Spring Break. Not that I blame them. But Spring Break is a really long way away. They keep asking to go to Uncle Jeffery's Lake (gorgeous Beaver Lake in northern Arkansas--yes he lives right on the lake). Well, since that's not happening with you know, the SNOW and all, we got a little reminder of our favorite place from Papa at Christmas. I think the Olsen family saying is officially now "Go Boat". That's what we say when someone is ready to ski behind the boat. And it was Tate's very first 2-word combination this summer. :) So Papa made shirts for all of us that say:
And here is Papa with the boat's biggest fan, wearing Nama's shirt for some strange reason: (we kept asking but Tate would NOT take his finger out of his nose. Such is life.)
We're ready for a little sunshine around here. How about you?

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  1. Go Boat! We can't wait for summer over here either:)