Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The view from here

Snow snow snow! After 6-8 inches of the gorgeous white stuff I thought for sure I would get a jammie day at home with the kids. But no--we are a hardy bunch here in Iowa! A little snow doesn't stop us from a day of learning. :) Off to school they all went--with about 20 pounds of snow gear apiece! Pretty, though, isn't it?

The little guy on Max's back is sure cute--but he's not so cute at 2 AM! Ever since his procedure last week, the boy has not slept longer than 2 consecutive hours at night. Lord help us all. Talked to the ENT and were reassured that this is normal for this time in the recovery process. Not sure how "normal" I'll be after much longer of this sleep deprivation. It is a very effective torture method you know. :)

And there are a few remnants of Christmas still hanging around. I love the mistletoe over the bathroom door. Why the bathroom door, you ask? Because it's where I put it, that's why. Every once and awhile I will get a sneak smooch.

I told you all I leave all the beautiful cards we receive up much longer than I should. If anyone has any New Year or Valentine's cards you want to send our way, I will gladly accept! Love looking at all these beautiful smiling faces. Makes me happy.

Also, a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful 89-years-young grandma yesterday! She is an inspiration to all of us...still going strong with the love of her life...livin' it up in sunny Florida. Can't wait to see her when it's warm and sunny at the Lake! :) Happy Tuesday, friends.

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