Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our weekend

Buck and I had to get a little fancied up on Friday night and head downtown for a little gathering...I was not SUPER excited to go (sweatpants and a DVD are my ideas of a fun Friday night!) but we had a great time with our friends. Don't I look just plain tired in that picture?? That's because that's how I felt.Yikes. Tate needs to start sleeping!! Now!!

We know that Zoe won't always be saying "Daddy, can I be your date?" :) Buck is loving those moments for as long as they will last.

So after the fun Friday night, we had a pretty quiet weekend. Max had his first basketball game and me oh my...let me just say that by the second quarter Buck and I were praying that their team would score at least one basket. :) They lost by 20 points but at least they scored! And they had a lot of fun, which is absolutely the most important thing. Max was very fired up and put in an awesome effort!

We had a bit of a movie-thon, with me knowing the Golden Globes were on Sunday night. I love movie awards shows. Probably because my mom and my husband DESPISE them. :) I wanted to see "The Social Network" when it was out in theaters but never got around to it, and I think this was the first weekend it was out on DVD. So I got that one and watched it Friday night after the party--yes I think I was up until about 2 AM (I know, no wonder I look tired all the time!) But let me tell you , "The Social Network" was absolutely fascinating. Love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay. 500 million members and counting. My grandmother is on Facebook! It was seriously intriguing to know why Facebook started (in a nutshell--because Mark Zuckerberg got dumped and needed something to take his mind off the girl that broke his heart) and how (a Harvard dorm room and an algorithm written on a window). Crazy! I had no idea. And the irony of it all is incredible. Anyone who is on Facebook--and let's face it, that's almost all of us!--should see it.

Sunday afternoon after naps I stole a few hours and went to see "The King's Speech". I looooove Colin Firth. Have you seen the BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice"? Yes, he will always be Mr. Darcy to me. :) And funny enough, I read somewhere that when Helen Fielding was writing "Bridget Jones's Diary" and was imagining Bridget's true love, she imagined Colin Firth--because of the BBC's "Pride and Prejudice"--and so she named him Mark Darcy. Then who plays Mark Darcy in the movie? Colin Firth. Following me?? I digress...

"The King's Speech" was wonderful. There are a few curse words so it is not for young ears (I was surprised it was rated R, and I'm pretty conservative about that kind of stuff) but otherwise it really was just about the story between King George VI and his speech therapist--connected because of the king's stutter. My man Colin won the Golden Globe for best actor and it was definitely deserved. Having known several people in real life that stutter (and my own little Charlie man had, and still has occasionally, a little stutter) he portrayed it perfectly. It is sometimes painful to watch someone struggle to get those words out--you want to speak out loud for them. I would highly recommend this movie, across the board.

We got in an awesome Sunday morning worship service and got a little laundry done in there, as well as a winter baseball clinic for the boys. Zoe boycotted naps this weekend and I'm afraid I may have pushed it as far as I could for her with naps--she is almost 5--that's amazing, right?? I need to count my blessings that she napped for this long. :)

It was a wonderful, restful weekend with our family. Hoping the same was true for you!

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