Monday, April 11, 2011

The irony of names

We have said before that Zoe's name picked her more than we picked her name because her name means "life"--and that girl is more full of life than anything I've ever seen! Anyway, I was driving on Saturday and saw an advertisement for a local dentist named Dr. Tooth--seriously?! Do you think he always wanted to be a dentist or do you think it was just his destiny? But then it got me thinking about some other funny ironic names...

The cardiologist I know named, yep...Dr. Hart
My elementary school music teacher named Mr. Van Note
One of the best ones ever...our neighbors in our first house growing up were The Nabers!
A funny one that doesn't fit at all...the OB that delivered me is Dr. Bone...I think he missed his calling in ortho!

Anyone else know any great ironic names? Happy Monday!


  1. This cracked me up! I don't know why I found it so funny...thanks for the laugh!

  2. Laura:

    Many, many years ago (40?) when motoring to Iowa City from the Quad-Cities to watch the Hawkeyes play fb just outside Iowa City on Highway 6 there was a farm owned by an Iowa City dentist named Dr. Tooth. And the name of his estate, proudly displayed on a sign by the driveway, "Tooth Acres"

    dick maynard