Monday, June 6, 2011

And more catch-up...

Finally posting on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Which was actually over a week ago I'm not TOO far behind. All 3 kids had such amazing years this year--so much growth, so much change, so much FUN! We have been blessed, year after year, with truly gifted teachers, teachers who love our kids like their own, who are invested in their success--as academic students and as good citizens of our world. We're so very thankful for everyone who contributed to such a great school year for our most precious gifts.

Believe it or not, it was a little chilly on the last day of school but the kids insisted on wearing shorts--just to make a statement of summer!

Her last day of preschool--EVER!

Zoe's class had a performance for us on their last day. Here they are doing the Chicken Dance--the kids picked their 3 favorite songs of the year to perform for the parents. Not surprised they picked the Chicken Dance--they were really good! :)

And one of the most fun things--Zoe made a time capsule for us to open when she--GULP--graduates from high school. I can barely bring myself to think about it, let alone say it out loud, let alone type it. But "someday" will be here, Lord willing, and apparently that will happen in 2024. Oh my goodness. But what a fun idea! Now I just have to find a special place to put it where I will be able to get my hands on it in 2024. Goodness knows that time capsule has an unfortunately good chance of being lost in the next 13 years. I will give it my best effort though!

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful start to summer. Late last week, this weekend and early this week truly feel like SUMMER. We're talking highs in the mid-90's kind of summer. Loving the pool, loving the zoo, loving having my little monkeys home day in and day out. We were all ready for it. And now that I may be more or less caught up, I am looking forward to posting summer pictures!! Happy Monday, friends.

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  1. Glad you found our blog. It was so crazy when I happened upon your photo on MckMama's blog! I have now caught 50 babies and can't wait to start my practice in Minnesota. Thanks for being instrumental in the process and for putting me in touch with Chillon! I'll always be grateful!