Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simple pleasures

It's been awhile since I have had anything blog-worthy to write about. Or I guess I should say, anything worth taking time out of spending time with my little monkeys to sit down and type about! We have had a wonderfully busy couple of weeks--including squeezing in a long weekend with some amazing friends up in northern MN. A busy week is already in the works right now as well...including me working a few days, 3 kids' dentist appointments, a t-ball ice cream party (at my house!!) and heading to Nebraska on Saturday for a friend's wedding. Phew! In the midst of the busy-ness though, there are some things that make me pause and be thankful. A few simple pleasures that make me happy are:

*someone returning a phone call when they said they would--can I get an Amen?

*seeing my child be compassionate to another child, when something doesn't come easy for that other kid

*eating donuts at the Lodge in MN with my family

*watching my Charlie-Man become a champ at the kayak!

*a co-worker bringing me cough drops at work yesterday as I have been nailed with a nasty summer cold (why is it that summer colds are 10 times worse than winter colds??)

*hearing the exact song I wanted to hear on the's like they were reading my mind!

*seeing blessings heaped on some friends...watching God answer prayer

*Tate's curls...the more humid it gets, the curlier our little Goldilocks gets! :)

*The book "Heaven is for Real"--I am a little behind the crowd on this one but I just finished it and LOVED it. Read it!

There are so many others but these are just a few...hope you find some things to be happy about too on this gloomy day. Happy Wednesday, friends!

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