Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A random Wednesday...

I wanted to take a minute and show you some of the great blogs I check out sometimes...ones that I read but am too lazy to put on my sidebar (I will get around to it...maybe today!).

My cousin Shannon's blog is so good. She doesn't post a lot but when she does, it has substance and she is an excellent writer. A lot of her posts focus on dealing with the pain of her mother's sudden death. It is raw and honest and I really appreciate that. Go here to read her blog.

A fun one I check out occasionally is The Pleated Poppy. Click on the title to go to her site. She has a link-up party on Wednesdays where she and other bloggers share their fun outfits for the day. I love the inspiration, even though I am usually in my workout clothes most of the day, especially during the summer. But it is fun to look--and she has a great shop as well, which sells the BEST ruffled scarves, among other things. I have one and I love it.

Another blog I love that I need to put on my sidebar is Mama To 4. We discovered one another through an online adoptive parents forum and I stumbled onto her blog--I love that our family make-up is exactly the same--2 boys, adopted a girl from Ethiopia, and then had another boy. :) It is fun to see another family like ours and her photos are wonderful. But I really want you to read this post. It is from about a month ago and I meant to share it then, but I am sharing it now. :) Read it for some serious inspiration to be wise with your money. I am so happy for their family!

And finally--one last pure entertainment blog. I actually found this one from a patient who told me about it--it is completely dedicated to baby names. :) For someone who loves to hear what people name their baby, this is a fun one to get lost in. I don't read it very often so when I do, I have to get caught up and read like 10 posts at a time (usually late at night when I can't sleep). If you are expecting though, and need some baby name help, it would be a very fun site to write to and get some advice. Check it out here.

As if we all didn't wish to spend less time online--now I've given you 4 reasons to spend more time here. Sorry! :) Enjoy...

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  1. You are so sweet, thanks for linking up to my blog! I enjoy your blog too, your family is precious!