Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fun day with Max

I had one of my favorite days with my oldest today. He is 9, blessedly still at an age where he loves having his mom come along on field trips. I know those times may quickly be coming to an end, so I'm taking advantage while I can!

We went to a beautiful state park and it was a perfect day--85 and sunny! A blessing for October, that's for sure.

Max and his buddy L were digging for fake fossils in the sand pile, and guess what they found?

Max called it the shoeasaurus. :) I found it kind of amusing to think of someone leaving the park wearing only one flip-flop.

Here are 2 classes together--yes it was a little nutty! God bless their teachers; they amaze me over and over.

It was a great day...loved spending time enjoying God's creation and loving on Max and his friends. Fun times!

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