Monday, October 31, 2011

Trip of a lifetime!

We had such a perfect the happiest place on earth...Disney World! I don't know how one could NOT have a great time. Yes it was a lot of work and prep and packing and unpacking but it was well worth it. We had all of our parents along as well which made it even more fun and memorable. Never thought in a million years I would get my mom on Space Mountain but grandkids are way better arm-twisters than daughters, I guess. ;) Lots of pictures on several different cameras but here are a few from my phone:

Charlie & I on the plane!

Princess Breakfast with our princess

Meeting Mickey at Animal Kingdom

Buck's parents at the Michael Jackson 3-D show (yes, I dragged everyone to see Michael)

Tate & Daddy love MJ too!

The tooth fairy had to come to Florida! He looks like a little jack-o-lantern. :)

Max & Nana on the people-mover

Some other cuties on the people-mover

Tired monkeys!!

We found our friends the Polkings at Disney! It's a small world after all...haha. We knew ahead of time we would be there at the same time but meeting up was tricky! We are so glad we spent a little time with them and their adorable kids.

Riding on the tea cups--can't miss those!

Quite possibly our favorite picture from vacation! Look at that smile...JOY! We are so blessed and as always...thankful to be home but oh so thankful for an amazing week. Happy Monday, friends.

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  1. I can't wait to hear more!! We just booked a vacation to Disney - February with my parents:) Keep the pictures coming!