Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little getaway

For my birthday and just for fun, I got to tag along on a business trip with Buck to one of our country's treasures. Washington DC! And Buck really had to twist my arm since he was staying at the Ritz-Carlton. :) As always we had amazing help at home from Buck's parents and his sister. I had to share (and for my own memories) the rain-soaked photos I took of my tour of the memorials.

The Washington Monument (photo for Max!)...closed at the moment due to damage from the earthquake.

The first time I had seen the beautiful World War II memorial. Here is the Iowa pillar.

This man is certainly worthy of the memorial dedicated to him--impressive and impactful.

The gorgeous (haha) view from the Lincoln Memorial...the reflecting pool is being renovated and is a big pile of dirt. :) I felt like I did when I went to visit Stonehenge in England...waiting for a momentous spiritual experience but really just getting drenched and wanting to get inside and get dry. :) I wanted to visit where Dr. King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech...and I did. :)

One of the most meaningful experiences of the trip. Holocaust Museum. The sign outside says "think about what you saw." No problem...I am thinking about it, trust me!

I know this very hard to read but this is a plaque at the Vietnam Memorial dedicated to veterans who died as a result of their service in the war. My dad's sister was the person who spearheaded this effort to get this plaque installed in honor of my dad and his comrades, who died after coming home. It was very cool to see it 19 years after my dad died from Agent Orange- related cancer.

Finally, can you see I was excited to find Zoe's store? It was fun to send her this picture and hear her sweet little giggle. So fun to go, but as always...so good to be home! Happy day, friends!

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