Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Thankful

I'm going to try and post most days about what I am thankful for...and no promises because goodness knows I can't do anything other than eat and sleep every single day. :) But I will try. This morning I was overwhelmingly thankful for my oldest child. Yes I am thankful for each of my children every single day...and you'll likely hear more about them in the coming days. But today...Max. We were at the orthodontist for the big "money appointment" as I described it to Buck. They laid out Max's treatment plan, how much it would cost, how long it would take. And Max asked more questions than either of his parents!! Love that kid and his attention to detail and curiosity.. I am also thankful for his adventurous spirit and being willing to try anything once. He was the go-getter at Disney World, trying every single ride possible. Yesterday he gave a speech for the student council elections...he wrote the whole thing himself and did not even ask for help. The last sentence of his speech: "remember, Horizon, a vote for Max is a vote for the pillars of character." How does he come up with this stuff? Yep, I'm so thankful for Max.

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