Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Day

I have a blog so I can write what I want. You know? So here goes. Here was my day Wednesday. And I seriously couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I just say this so that you all can be thankful for the relatively quiet day you probably enjoyed. And also so that you would please pray that today would be relatively quiet for me! :) Oh and you do need the background that my regular babysitter was unable to babysit this day and the other babysitter I had lined up bailed on me TUESDAY. So here goes:

5:55 am: UP and at 'em for 6:30 am kickboxing class. Get accosted by the director of the gym, asking if I would please coach again next session (they run 10-week sessions) because the one and only time that they don't have a coach is 6:30 am. And less than a week ago, I had decided I was NOT going to coach another session because my back, shoulder, you name it, needs a what did I do? Told her I'd think about it. Sigh.

7:30 am: Get breakfast made, try to get in the shower. Tate screaming. Get Tate his pacifier. Try to get in the shower again. Tate still screaming. Apparently he wants to play with a package of diapers. So I let him. Whatever.

8:30 am: C.R.A.P. (yep, that's the clean version of what went through my mind!). Hear the school bus roaring by...and Max is downstairs playing the Wii. Of course. Yell at Max to get his stuff together because we have to get him dropped off at school in 10 minutes (and Tate's not dressed yet...10 minutes is not happening, but I still want Max to get a move on!)

8:50 am: Get Max signed in on the tardy list (again), run into one of my favorite people and chat for 10 minutes about her complicated pregnancy. God bless her, but I do not have time for this!

9:00 am: Back in the car, race out to Ankeny for my Bible study. I pray God will forgive me for driving so fast!

11:18 am: On my way back home to meet my friend who has agreed to fill in for my bailed-out baby-sitter, when I get a phone call that Charlie's ride home from school did not pick him up because her son was sick. Note the time. Charlie's school gets out at 11:15. I drive even faster over to Charlie's school to pick him up. Charlie is a bawling, snot-dripping, shaking mess. Don't forget this is my sweet boy with separation anxiety. I'm usually super-duper careful to pick him up EARLY if not right on time. So being 10 minutes late was traumatic to say the least. Sigh again.

11:30 am: Drop monkeys at Annie's house for lunch. Ask her to please change Tate's diaper because I honestly don't think he's been changed since 7:00 this morning. I'm so thankful my friends don't judge me.

12:00 pm: Make it to lunch with work people. Pretend like I have it together for an hour or so. It's nice to be among adults!

1:25 pm: Pick up monkeys from Annie's. Chat with her about how the day is going and find out that her grandpa died the night before. Are you kidding me? I'm so wrapped up in my own little craziness that I didn't even stop to find out before I left what was going on with her. I felt terrible and it certainly put things in perspective for me! But off we go again...

2:15 pm: Drop Zoe and Tate off at Rosalyn's house to nap while Charlie and I go to Max's school to help with a PTA thing. We get them situated and sleeping, race to Max's school and start unloading boxes. Charlie and Chelsey's daughter are running around playing (being very good, by the way), but all of a sudden, Aili's finger gets caught in one of the gym doors. First Chelsey starts to give her the usual "well, that's what happens when you are playing too rough" then we notice the blood, then we notice the tip of the finger hanging by a thread...which leads to...

3:10 pm: In Chelsey's van, driving Chelsey and Aili to the ER to get her finger repaired. On the phone with Rosalyn, Buck, my mom, anyone I can think of to get not only my kids covered, but also Chelsey's so the poor boys are not left at school!

3:30-6 pm: Watch a very cool finger tip repair in the ER, while watching a 4-year-old be a little loopy on narcotics. Funny and interesting at the same time. Thankfully they saved the tip of her finger (and hopefully the fingernail as well, but they won't know until the new one grows in), and they were able to do it all under local anesthesia (and the very helpful "cocktail" of oral meds!)

6 pm: Get picked up by Buck and the monkeys at the ER (thank you to whoever kept them in the meantime!!), race home, get our books, vests and "fun stuff" for Awana. Get to Awana, race in, drop off Zoe and Charlie, and Zoe's leader says "do you have the snacks for tonight?" BIG BIG SIGH. No, I don't have the snacks for tonight. I haven't cried yet today but might start now. Thankfully again, these amazing women are moms themselves, they get it, and they offer me way more grace than I deserve. The kids are excited because they get to pull fruit snacks out of the emergency snack cupboard!

6:30-8 pm: Get to hang out with some awesome 7- and 8-year-olds, listening to them tell me their memory verses for the week. Am amazed as always at what they remember, retain, and apply to their lives. Especially cool: Hearing Max recite without hesitation the books of the Old Testament! Yay, Max!

8:15 pm: Round up the monkeys AGAIN, make our way out of the parking lot, finally home, and find one of the most welcome sights: my college roommate, Heather, is here on a business trip from Madison, WI, and she's waiting on my couch. Sigh of relief. Buck takes the kids up to bed, and Heather and I settle in for a chat. Ahhhh...the day has ended, the craziness fades, and it's hard to believe that all of this happened in just ONE day. But it did, we survived, no one is worse for the wear, and tomorrow is a new day.

Thank you, Lord, that your faithfulness endures and that your mercies are new each morning! All praise and glory to the One who never lets us down and never lets us go. Thanks for reading. Much love~

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