Monday, March 8, 2010

Relieved, relieved, this and that...

Happy Monday! It has been a full day around here! I am so relieved, overjoyed and thankful to report that Miss Z does NOT have bladder reflux. After the awful test (and yes it was awful, and YES, Zoe did way better than Mommy did...she started to cry, I started to cry, then thought I was going to throw up so I had to leave the room. Daddy was a total ROCK STAR until I got my mommy self together). Y'all know I'm a nurse right? Nothing, and I mean nothing, really makes me sick. But it is a whole other story when it's your kid they're doing something to! Bottom line...thank you, Lord, for hearing these prayers and for the wisdom and caring of the team that we had today to make things go smoothly and for those blessed words, "This looks totally normal!"

And poor Tate has just been nailed...croup, pink eye, ear infection, etc. etc. I finally called this morning and got him an appointment with his regular NP. The receptionist asked what he needed to be seen for and I said "insomnia" ! :) I think she thought I was serious. Buck and I have been trading night shifts for the past week and it's getting a little old. Last night it was cough, cough, cough, sneeze, sleep for 5 minutes, repeat. Poor little guy. So they think the croup may have been RSV (what the heck?), and now his ears look so bad his ear tubes and drops aren't quite cutting it. Oral antibiotics, here we come again! Hopefully he will be back to his big-sibling-chasing-self in no time!

Between coughing spurts I had a chance to catch the Oscars! Anyone else? Of course, I didn't get a chance to see as many of the movies as I would have wanted to, but I was so thrilled that the first female ever won for Best Director (Kathryn Bigelow, "The Hurt Locker"), and that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for one freakin' awesome movie "The Blind Side". If you haven't seen that one, you must. Truly. Max just got off the bus and will no doubt be asking for a snack. :) Have a good week, I know I am planning on it! Love to you all~


  1. So glad to hear the good report about Miss Z! Praying that little Tate man feels better soon. I'm also with you on Kathryn and Sandra such great accomplishments. I'm logging off to go get my own after school snack! :)

  2. Yeah for Miss Z! I am with you on having a stomach of steel except for my kids and their suffering. I'm so happy everything was normal.
    Poor Tate! I hope things clear up for him soon.